Concerning the course Academic Leadership

This course Academic Leadership by Eva Wiltingh B.V. provides academics the ability to gain insight into their leadership style to improve their effective academic leadership skills. As an academic, are you also confronted with many leadership problems in your complex workplace (s) that you do not know how to solve? Do you want to learn how to solve these leadership problems personally and professionally in a professional and competent manner? Awareness of the effectiveness of one’s own behavior is, in our opinion, a prerequisite for the concrete acquisition of leadership skills and therefore forms an important part of this course in personally effective academic leadership with our 30 years of experience and 9 as an average score for our participants’ satisfaction.

Program structure of the Academic Leadership Course:

Starting meeting and individual intake with a trainer / coach where individual learning objectives are set
Training days: five days with eight leadership skills modules with trainers and actors spread over six months
Individual coaching conversation with trainer / coach: three conversations that take place between training days
Guided intervision with trainer: three times between training days

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During the course Academic Leadership, the individual learning goals and specific learning questions of all participating academics are determined together with our professional trainer, thereby creating insight into the academics’ own personal action patterns and beliefs, after which the teaching of practical leadership and management skills can be realized after that.  We only work with the academics’ own case studies with our professional trainers and actors. As a result, the participating academics effectively learn many consciously capable practical leadership and management skills, which they can use in practice, professionally solution-oriented and future-oriented, directly on their complex workplace.


During the entire process, the participant will have an individual coaching conversation with a personal trainer / coach, so that the individual learning goals can be optimally addressed, so that questions that require privacy will also receive attention. In this course, emphasis is placed on the individual learning objectives and specific learning questions of the participants. Learning skills is based on gaining insight into personal actions and beliefs. Awareness of the effects of one’s own behavior is, in our opinion, a condition for the personal effective acquisition of new skills and therefore forms an important part of the training. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute their own case studies and to acquire skills.

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“It is also funny to see that everyone has the same problems, such as chronic lack of time and that it can be difficult to manage employees. In the course you will receive tips on how to organize your limited time as effectively as possible and you will learn that you need to coordinate your management style with the experience, needs and personality of each individual employee. I think it would be good if there would be an annual refresher course in addition to the intervision meetings, so that the knowledge learned will not be diluted and so that everyone can continue to work on their weak spots. Furthermore, I think that this training should become compulsory for everyone who leads, just as is customary in business. ” Prof. dr. M. Marco van Vulpen, Professor of Radiotherapy who leads a research group into the treatment of prostate cancer at UMC Utrecht

“I give the Academic Leadership course a 10 because it has taught me the importance of good communication in a very professional and personal way. The course provides excellent tools for achieving one’s own goals, among other things by learning to be effective and positive in the work environment and beyond. The coaching by the trainers is very professional and involved and offers room for the personal situation. The interaction with fellow students has also helped. It has been very useful to me. ” Dr Hilleke Hulshoff Pol, Professor of Neuroscience Sciences UMC Utrecht Department of Psychiatry

“I found the course extremely valuable. The course focuses on the specific elements and challenges of the academic environment. The course has a lot to offer