Course Academic leadership

Price for the course Academic Leadership:

  • € 6.495,00 for 8 days, VAT free

Following of one of more separate days is also possible. This must be clearly filled in on the registration form.


Location Hilversum

  • day 1: to be determined
  • day 2: to be determined
  • day 3: to be determined
  • day 4: to be determined
  • day 5: to be determined
  • day 6: to be determined
  • day 7: to be determined
  • day 8: to be determined

Day 1: 

Start training:  2 hours

  • The training will start with a meeting for all the participants and trainers of Eva Wiltingh BV. The participant will get information about the training and coaching so each participant will be given the opportunity to check if the training matches his/her needs at this time. Participants will also receive their first assignment and we schedule intakes, which will take place before the training starts, and coaching with participants individually. That is why bringing your agenda is essential!’ An appointment will be made for a consult between trainer and participant. At the end of the start meeting the trainers will ask if commitment is present to attend fully, and if so, expect people to attend actively supporting others ’and their own goals’.


  • Introduction trainers and participans
  • Making a 360 degree feedback. This is interviewing various persons, including those from whom you receive guidance and to whom you are in charge. This gives you insight into what your environment thinks about what you can still learn in terms of management and communication.
  • Commitment

Individual intake trainer/coach: 1 hour

  • Develop strength / weakness analysis
  • Determining individual learning objectives

Day 2:

  • Module 1: Reflection on academic leadership
  • Module 2: Situational management, with actors

Day 3:

  • Module 3: Intervision and coaching skills
  • Module 4: Inconvenient conversations / Handling conflicts, with actors

Day 4:

  • Individual coaching with trainer / coach:  1 hour
  • Intervision with trainer: 2,5 hours

Day 5:

  • Module 5: Personal effectivity
  • Module 6: Negotiating, with actors / Instruction Timemanagement

Day 6:

  • Module 7: Time management
  • Module 8: Competences TDP / PDP and Result-oriented practice or Consultations and meetings

Day 7:

  • Individual coaching with trainer / coach:  1 hour
  • Intervision with trainer: 2,5 hours

Day 8:

  • Module 7: Developing personal authority
  • Module 8: Feedback and result presentation


  • Experienced guidance by professional trainers and actors of Eva Wiltingh BV, Centre for academic leadership, training and coaching
  • Background material
  • Accommodation and  catering